Today is the release day for Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver)’s new solo album, Black Horses. My wife Cathy and I play strings on track #5, “Shining Somewhere”.

Adam’s work in Swervedriver and elsewhere has been a huge influence ever since I heard “Duel” on 120 Minutes over two decades ago. It’s an honor to actually play cello on one of his songs. But with or without strings, this record is one of his finest and most mature works. It feels like a cinematic journey (on purpose, according to this interview), with twists, turns, dream sequences, and so many complicated modal and melodic phrases that I want to throw it at a team of musicologists and demand a scholarly analysis. You should absolutely listen to it - this is what an album should be!

(You can stream the whole thing on PopMatters right now: )

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